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Old 07-04-2012, 21:53
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Mahou shoujo Madoka
Chiến đấu với các witch để bảo vệ những người thân yêu bên mình, để bảo vệ thế giới tươi đẹp là lý do Madoka trở thành một Mahou shoujo đầy tài năng và phép thuật.
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Infinite Zero has a reputation beyond reputeInfinite Zero has a reputation beyond reputeInfinite Zero has a reputation beyond reputeInfinite Zero has a reputation beyond repute


Main Title
Official Title
氷菓, 빙과s
TV Series, 22 episodes
2012-04-14 till 2012-09-17
Novel, High School, School Life, Clubs, Present, Asia, Japan, Daily Life, Detective, Bishounen, Romance, New Year`s Day

The story follows a boy named Houtarou who is not assertive about getting involved, but was ordered by his older sister to join the classic literature club. In the club, he gets close to the truth about an incident, involving a female member`s uncle, which happened 45 years ago. The energy-saving boy is joined by an inquisitive girl in this adolescent mystery.
Source: ANN
Note: The first episode received an early screening at a special event held at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku on 14.04.2012. The regular TV broadcast started on 23.04.2012.

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Old 31-07-2013, 22:18
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